We have been working closely with the Early Years team at St Josephs to find out how they used their outdoor learning and play area. Which areas were usued/unused/not practical, what problems they had with children accessing different parts, useability for teachers etc.

Some quickly identified problem were the leaking guttering causing big puddles under the covered area and wind blasting through the classroom doors which had to be open in order to allow easy access for the children. We fitted a plastic splash strip between the guttering and the canopy which has allowed equipment to be left out all the time and no puddles. To tackle the draught and cold problem with open doors, we fitted a wind curtain across the foyer. Staff sitting inside have been impressed by the solution which still allows easy access for the children.

 A simple and inexpensive solution to draughts whilst allowing access for the children.

A fenced compound which was not being used took up a significant space in the play area. We took down most of the fencing for reuse elsewhere in the school, retaining two posts which we used to provide the support for a new blackboard under the canopy.


The new blackboard has been well recieved by the children as has the opened up space now being used for water play activities.

We are back again soon to relocate other items such as the Wendy house which is using space on the soft play surface. Removing old storage sheds and creating new, more accessible and attractive storage solutions.


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