The Seedswap on Saturday 8th March 12.00 - 5.00pm looks like a great opportunity to find out more about growing and get some great seeds.

Feed Bristol is Avon Wildlife Trust's exciting food growing project on 8 acres of beautiful land buzzing with wildlife in Stapleton.It is a great place to discover how to grow organic food and experience how nature helps us grow. Everyone who gets involved can take away some fresh tasty food.



"Our aim is to support a range of people with different needs and abilities to access food growing while promoting health, well-being, out-door education and access to nature. Our objective is to support as many people as possible get the most out of local food production. This is a fantastic asset for Bristol so come and help us make the most of it!"




Top Chomps approach to learning. The cards and teacher activity pack are fully endorsed by Healthy Schools. They provide an exciting game based resource for use with ages 6+.

Currently the cards are available via school purchase order. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to request an order form.



There are 44 cards in each pack for Fruit and Vegetables along with a 'How to play' and a 'Contact' card.

Class sets containing 5 each of fruit and Vegetable packs are available for £65 including postage. Schools buying these sets will have access to an extensive range of cross curricular teaching resources via the website.


Top Chomps cards have been designed to support teachers in their development of Healthy Eating issues with KS2/3 students, particularly in:

• Encouraging and supporting a whole school approach to food and nutrition.
• Extending children’s understanding of 5-a-day portion size
• Discussing key healthy eating messages
• Developing awareness of the range of fruits and vegetables available
• Increasing consumption of a range of different fruits and vegetables
• Providing materials for cross-curricular development work
• Devising ways of getting children to eat more healthy food choices
• Strengthening food and nutrition education in schools
• Promoting positive messages about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles


Portion size and nutrients

Top Chomps cards are designed to highlight the size of a portion as indicated in the 5-a-Day programme through a photograph. For more information follow this NHS 5-a-Day. The idea of the handful is to indicate that portion size is relative to body size, hence a small child will need a smaller portion. The data for amounts of vitamins, minerals and fibre is based on a portion.

Card packet fruit

 PineappleTop Chomps


Teaching Outcomes

•  To provide links between Healthy Eating and other curriculum areas
•  To promote student confidence in the use of data handling particularly through the use of spreadsheets and databases
•  To provide opportunities to access cross curricular themes
•  To provide an engaging and informative game based approach to learning

Learning Outcomes

•  To understand that food is a basic requirement of life and that a variety of food is needed to grow, be active and maintain health
•  To understand that we need to eat a balanced diet to keep us healthy
•  To understand there are no good or bad foods its all about moderation and balance
•  To recognize that different fruits and vegetables contain essential elements to healthy growth and nutrition
•  To adopt positive attitudes to eating fruit and vegetables
•  To recognize the need to eat five or more portions a day
•  To recognise that fruit and vegetables are an essential part of the Eatwell Plate
•  To be able to identify a portion of fruit or vegetables
•  To know that eating different colours of fruity and vegetables gives us the variety of vitamins and mineral that we need for a healthy lifestyle 


Some questions to ask?

What constitutes a portion of fruit or vegetables?

Which vegetables are also fruits?

How much fibre is recommended for an 8 year old need daily? 

A strawberry is not a true berry! True or false?


Top Chomps pepper

            Teachers Pack

               Click here to look at a sample from the Teachers pack





 The cards are now available for schools to order. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. formore information, or contact me via the Top Chomps website


Take a look at our specially selected range of plant packs for schools, families and pre-school and community groups.


School Pack (£54.99) –     designed to crop between May and July, this pack is specially geared up for Spring growing. No worries about watering through the summer holidays. A mixture of plug plants and seeds selected for growing success.      


Nursery/Tots Pack (£19.99) - cropping from May into August, this pack comprises a range of herbs and vegetables     which do not require cooking and can all be eaten raw (don’t forget to wash them first!!).   


Salad Pack (£14.99) – A  fantastic pack to choose if you have only limited time for growing. The salad packs can start cropping in 3-4 weeks. Perfect for Food Technology projects


Family Pack (39.99) –   designed to complement and extend the school pack by allowing families to grow some of the same varieties as at school and then more to take you through the summer. A whole range of tasty and easy to grow plants for  those of you who are new to gardening.


Fruit Pack (£45.99) – for a range of fresh berries, try the fruit selection including bushes such as blackcurrants, raspberries, tayberries, redcurrants and strawberries.          


Herb Pack (£24.99) 12 different herbs selected from Chives, Chervil, Coriander, Dill, Marjoram, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Summer Savory, Fennel, Salad burnet, Tarragon and Thymes.              

   All packs come with planting plans and instructions for growing. School packs also have links to curriculum activities.

Teacher training courses and consultation on growing and learning opportunities are available for individual or clusters of schools.

Prices include delivery. Orders need to be made by the end of February 2013 to ensure Spring delivery. 

Any sets ordered after February may have different compositions dependent upon availability of stock.


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